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Tyre has lectured at Harvard, Yale, Columbia and Emory and the Googleplex in Mountain View, California, at education conferences and at public and private schools around the nation. She is frequently asked to speak and run workshops for parents and educators.

Tyre present on topics such as:

There Are No Do-Overs: How to Chose The Best School for Your Child.

The Preschool Scramble: What To Look For in a Pre-school. How to Spot the Deal-Breakers.

A Talk About Test Score: What They Say About A School. What Those Scores Mean for Your Child.

The Underachievement of Boys in School: How Do We Help Them and Still Support Our Terrific Girls?

Making Your School A Place Where Boys Can Thrive: Reading, Writing and Recess.

To inquire about having Tyre speak in your community, contact her at

Praise for Tyre's lectures and workshops

"Terrific talk tonight—I'm the pre-school teacher from the front row - also a mother of 1st and 3rd grade boys! You also inspired me to galvanize some parents our school for an after-school reading/history/project club for boys. Will be meeting our principal to get some things rolling—you are an inspiration!"

"I think you made a big impact on our teachers. The day after your talk, my son got into my car smiling."

"Peg Tyre has spoken at Fairfield Country Day School twice to standing room only crowds which attests to the interest people have in how our current educational system is serving the needs of boys. Peg's in-depth research, thoughtful analysis and wise counsel were clearly evident in her presentation and during the extended Q&A. Everyone in attendance including educators, parents, administrators and the media, walked away with a clearer understanding of the challenges facing boys at all levels of the educational system in America today. Her presentation is witty, energetic and engaging; if you have the opportunity to hear Peg speak, I urge you to take it.
—Christian Sullivan, Headmaster, Fairfield Country Day School


Here's a partial and—ok, I admit it—frequently outdated list of some of the media appearances as well as events and venues across the country where I've spoken. I can't keep up with it. Check out my blog on this site, or go here for more recent updates.



September 22, 3:00-4:30pm
Public lecture on The Good School: How Smart Parents Get Their Kids the Education They Deserve
Loyola University
Miller Hall Rom 112
New Orleans, LA
Contact: Josh Densen, 504-784-0248

October 3, 8:00am
Private lecture on The Good School: How Smart Parents Get their Kids the Education They Deserve
Grand Rounds
Brooklyn Hospital
121 Dekalb Avenue #9k
New York, NY 11205

October 12, 8:00am
Private lecture on "The Underachievement of Boys in School: Who is Underachieving? Why it Matters!"
Philanthropy Roundtable
The Breakers
Palm Beach, FL

October 17, 7:00pm
Public lecture on The Good School: How Smart Parents Get their Kids the Education They Deserve
Sponsored by the Dobbs Ferry PTSA
Location TBD
Contact: Lisa Ferrara

October 20, 1:30pm
The Koeppel Journalism Lecture
Wesleyan University
Middletown, CT
Contact: Anne Greene

November 19
Keynote Lecture
Conference on English Leadership
National Council of Teachers of English
Las Vegas, NV

December 4, 7:00pm
Public lecture on "Your Child's First School Experience: So Many Choices! But What Really Matters?"
The Kent Place School
42 Norwood Avenue
Summit, NJ
Contact: 908-273-0900 ext.254

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